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Welcome to The Giving Organisation

Today we are all facing an economical struggle. NOW, is even more a reason to give than ever before and help those who are feeling the crunch even more! In the times we live in, your small change can change lives!

Ten of the most well known and reputable charities in South Africa decided to join hands by forming an organisation that will secure an ongoing and sustainable source of income for charities of all spheres...We are currently actively involved in the projects below and you are invited to get involved and make a difference.

"You can be part of the miracle… only a collective effort can transform society."

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu confirms in a letter to the South African Media Industry: “Last year, industry experts revealed that charity organizations, which represents 30% of the social services in the country, had R3 billion less to spend on the crucial causes because of the recession! Five hundred Thousand needy South Africans, many of them women and children have been plunged into despair, as the country’s charities battle a funding crisis”. Archbishop Tutu further writes that corporate social investment shrank by about R700 million, forcing many charities to close their doors.

Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco announced her patronage of The Giving Organisation Trust, a collaborative South African good cause organisation. She will be co-patron with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu who has served the organisation and its ten leading charities for four and a half years.

The Current South African economic environment is beset with major challenges on both economical and social front. South Africa has not been able to side step these issues even though we are an emerging economy. The unemployment rate is the highest in the industrial world. The job losses place significant strain on the social service providers in South Africa, many of whom are charities and reliant on the goodwill of corporate and individual contributors. The same charities have also been on the receiving and economic downturn in the form of a substantial reduction in the funds it has been able to obtain.

"Non-profit organisations have been hard hit as the global economic crisis has left a funding crisis that impacts hundreds of thousands needy South Africans,” said Her Serene Highness. To increase funding and grow the NGO sector that fulfils critical social needs in South African communities, The Giving Organisation Trust has united ten of South Africa’s worthy charities which are now working together to create sustainable sources of income.

"Non-profit organisations have been hard hit as the global economic crisis has left a funding crisis that impacts hundreds of thousands needy South Africans.”

Unless swift action is taken the situation will continue to deteriorate, and more South Africans will decline into poverty and hopelessness. This does not bode well a sustainable, prosperous and politically stable future. The South African government recognizes the urgency of the situation and is developing various strategies to uplift those who are outside mainstream employment. We support these efforts but clearly much more needs to be done. Together we can make a difference and set an example for the entire world to follow!

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