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Oct 13, 2011

At least one in 29 South African women get breast cancer. Are you at risk? Find out!!!

You have a higher risk of breast cancer if...

  • You are older than 50
  • You have a close family member with breast cancer
  • You have a personal history of cancer and have received treatment for it
  • Your breast tissue is very dense
  • You have never given birth or your first confinement was after the age of 35
  • You're using or have recently used birth control pills (oral contraceptives) for many years
  • You are post-menopausal and are using combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (combination of estrogen and progesterone)
  • You have two or more alcoholic drinks per day


You can reduce your risk for breast cancer by adopting a balanced lifestly and avoiding environmental carcinogens.

If breast cancer is detected early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival. Even if you feel healthy now, just being a women and getting older puts you at risk for breast cancer. Finding cancer early may save your life. Know how your breast normally look and feel!!!

Oct 10, 2011

Johannesburg, 07 October 2011In recognition of their patron, the honourable Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday, The Giving Organisation Trust has announced the launch of its Donate 8 campaign with the aim of generating much needed income for its ten worthy charities.

The Donate 8 Campaign will run from Tuesday 8 November until Thursday 8 December 2011 and all contributions will be made in honour and celebration of Archbishop Tutu’s 80th year.

Archbishop Tutu invites every South African to donate R8 to The Giving Organisation Trust’s Donate 8 campaign. Corporates will also be asked to participate, but will be challenged to donate in denominations of eight i.e. R800 or R8 000 or R80 000 or R800 000. All monies raised will be distributed equally amongst the Trust’s ten charities.

“500 000 needy South Africans, many of them women and children, have been plunged into despair, as our country’s charities battle a funding crisis,” says Archbishop Tutu. “To increase funding and grow the NGO sector that fulfils critical social needs in South African communities, I ask all South Africans to open their purses to assist those less fortunate than themselves.”

To make a donation, SMS a birthday wish to Archbishop Tutu, to 38358. SMS costs R10. After VAT is deducted, R8-50 will be donated to The Giving Organisation Trust’s charities. Corporates making larger contributions can go to and click on the Donate 8 button.

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