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Oct 13, 2011

CANSA: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


At least one in 29 South African women get breast cancer. Are you at risk? Find out!!!

You have a higher risk of breast cancer if...

  • You are older than 50
  • You have a close family member with breast cancer
  • You have a personal history of cancer and have received treatment for it
  • Your breast tissue is very dense
  • You have never given birth or your first confinement was after the age of 35
  • You're using or have recently used birth control pills (oral contraceptives) for many years
  • You are post-menopausal and are using combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) (combination of estrogen and progesterone)
  • You have two or more alcoholic drinks per day


You can reduce your risk for breast cancer by adopting a balanced lifestly and avoiding environmental carcinogens.

If breast cancer is detected early, there are more treatment options and a better chance for survival. Even if you feel healthy now, just being a women and getting older puts you at risk for breast cancer. Finding cancer early may save your life. Know how your breast normally look and feel!!!

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