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Jul 29, 2011



The annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission recently took place in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Positive outcomes included the modernisation of the rules with increased transparency and funding being provided for small cetacean protection.

Unfortunately, pro-whaling countries staged a walk-out when the vote came up for a whale sanctuary in the Southern Atlantic thereby breaking the quorum and preventing a vote from taking place. Japan however agreed not to request a commercial whale hunt on its coast.

Good news from the Far East is that in a major victory for sharks, Taiwan's national fisheries agency decided to require sharks caught at sea to be landed "fins-naturally-attached" beginning next year. Under this policy, fishers will no longer be able to cut the fins off sharks at sea and dump the finless animals back into the ocean to die a slow death.

The policy of South Africa is that any sharks must be landed "entire" yet evidence suggests that the cruel practice of shark finning continues off our coasts and vessels come into South African ports laden with shark fins. This issue is ongoing.
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