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Aug 3, 2011



South Africans know about HIV,  we are asking you to help us do something about HIV.

At the DTHF, we describe ourselves as an “action-research” organisation,  we have staff working on the medical research necessary to find bio-medical solutions to the HIV pandemic.  We also have projects engaging with the populations most affected by HIV.  It’s a tall order working on a number of different fronts in various locations in the townships of Cape Town.   What is important to us is the cooperation and support of the people who live in these communities and who access the health clinics in their neibourhoods.

Our clinics in the Nyanga area and Masiphumelele in the south peninsula, are linked closely to the public health care system.  We are able to provide what the health system lacks the resources to provide - counsellors, health-care workers, nursing staff, doctors – dedicated to the prevention of HIV, and the treatment and management of the disease in people living with HIV and HIV/TB.  We have established Community Advisory Boards, at our sites, both adult and youth – so the communities we serve can advise us of their needs and how we can respond effectively.

They have asked for more accessible facilities – we have provided a mobile unit, the Tutu Tester and more recently, the Tutu Treater.  They have asked for more opportunities for youth to find a way out of poverty and the links with HIV – we have provided a first class youth centre.

We have generous partners in Chevron, Truworths, Metropolitan Health Group, indefatiguable Rotarians, and many others…..   All South Africans are affected by HIV, directly or indirectly, become a partner with our Patron Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and DO something about HIV.   R100 will help keep our Tutu Tester on the road – more than 26,000 people have tested on the vehicle since 2008, testing is the first step in overcoming HIV.   Do it now.

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