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The Charities


The National Council of SPCA (NSPCA)
Founded in 1956 as the Federation of SPCAs, is the umbrella body for 97 Societies situated throughout the Republic of South Africa. They deal with national issues and have four operational units, namely, “Farm Animals”, “Society Liaison”, “Special Projects” and “Wildlife”, which work pro-actively to prevent animal cruelty. The NSPCA enforces over 90% of the animal welfare legislation. Yet it is a “hands-on” or “in the field” organization which works actively to uplift indigent communities through welfare operations and projects.

Christine Kuch, National PRO
“Sustainable income from The Giving Organisation Trust enables us to protect and care for animals of all species in our country. Working together and supporting one another demonstrates the power and impact of collaboration for the mutual benefit of all our people, our animals, and our environment. The Giving Organisation Trust – promoting change for the good.”

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Reach for a Dream

Africa Foundation’s purpose is to uplift, up-skill and empower rural communities primarily living adjacent to conservation areas. Using methods developed in rural villages over the years, the Foundation has partnered with 42 communities to provide support and assistance across Africa, from KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape in South Africa, to Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

Francois Peenz, CEO
"'To date, more than a R100 million has been raised from donors and guests who have fallen in love with Africa and its people and have been inspired to support the communities with whom the Foundation works.  This has enabled us to facilitate a consultative development practice that surfaces the identified and prioritised needs of community leadership structures and result in the building of schools, clinics, training, bursaries, water and sanitation, small business development and many other initiatives in five African countries, which are maintained and managed by the communities and government leadership structures in those regions”

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WESSA (Wildlife & Environment Society of South Africa)

WESSA works to ensure environmental sustainability for current and future SouthAfrican generations. We focus on the sustainable and equitable management ofour natural resource base by building society’s environmental sensitivity andcompetence by calling to, and working with, communities and individuals tomove from current to more sustainable action. Our mission to promote publicparticipation in caring for the Earth is expressed in the diverse and dynamiccollaborative partnerships that WESSA creates to enable its work. Working withinthe vital sectors of water, biodiversity, energy and waste, WESSA is a preferredproject implementer nationally, regionally and internationally.


CANSA aims to reduce the impact of cancer by promoting health in all communities within South Africa substantially through advocacy and the sustainable facilitation of research, prevention, early detection and care. CANSA offers a range of services to cancer patients and their families. CANSA aims to reduce the impact of cancer by promoting health in all communities within South Africa substantially through advocacy and the sustainable facilitation of research, early detection and care.

Rudolf Van Jaarsveld, Marketing Manager
“The regular income from the Giving Organisation Trust helps us to expand our prevention programmes as well as patient support and care.  The need is ever growing with one in four South Africans being affected by cancer. Thank you for helping us to fight cancer.”

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CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children and teens with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders, and their families. Our support and services help  ensure that all children and teens adhere to the lengthy treatment , get quality and specialised treatment, get the practical, financial and – very importantly -  emotional support they need to make the journey of cancer easier.  CHOC also provides training and education country wide on the early warning signs of childhood cancer to assist towards children and teenagers getting diagnosed early so as to increase their chances of recovery.

Carl Queiros, CEO

The South African Red Cross Society

The South African Red Cross Society’s mission is to identify, prevent and alleviate human suffering, including the suffering of children, and to foster human dignity in all communities.

Janine Mosetlhi, Communications & Marketing Manager
“Through collaboration with the Giving Organisation Trust the The South African Red Cross Society is able to expand its efforts to alleviate human suffering.  Conflict and natural disasters, and the pain and anguish that follow, are a part of life.  Working together with the Trustees, the Society has brought relief and comfort to those in crisis.”

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The African Children's Feeding Scheme

The African Children's Feeding Scheme (ACFS) was brought into being in 1945, by the illustrious Father Trevor Huddlestone. From Father Huddlestone's 11 000 meals a day, the ACFS grew until it provided up to 31 000 meals per day to poverty stricken children in the general Gauteng area.

Phindile Hlalele, CEO
“Through the assistance from The Giving Organisation Trust we are able to provide food to 31 000 children daily.  These are mal-nourished children, HIV/AIDS infected and affected, child headed families who live in extremely poor circumstances. The ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme appreciates the generous contribution we receive monthly.  Your support is a source of life to many underprivileged communities.”

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Ithemba Trust

The Ithemba Trust is committed to the support of projects that aid intellectually disabled children. The Trust plays a vital role in initiating cost-effective, hands-on training programmes for care workers with local communities using  holistic approach involving the physical intellectual and physiological development of each child.

Gerhard van Niekerk, Chairman
“The Hope/Ithemba Trust extends its sincere appreciation to The Giving Organisation Trust for the donations received as a result of their exciting and unique fundraising initiatives. With these funds, the Hope/Ithemba Trust has been able to address many of the needs of physically disabled and intellectually challenged children, and to train their carers, at special needs facilities throughout South Africa.   We wish The Giving Organisation Trust much success with their creative fundraising endeavours.”

Cotlands is a long-serving South African “non-profit” organisation that exists to alleviate the suffering of children in distress with a special focus on children affected by HIV/AIDS.
Cotlands was recently accredited by Service SETA to train and assist in the formation of new NGO's.

Jackie Schoeman, Executive Director
The mission of Cotlands is to care for young children in need by providing psychosocial, educational and healthcare services through quality and high-impact residential and community-based programmes. We are very grateful to The Giving Organisation Trust for their ongoing financial support enabling us to deliver services to vulnerable children across South Africa.”

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Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation

The Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF) pursues excellence in research in the prevention and treatment of HIV. HIV/TB and related infections, and provides distance training for health workers.

Lavinia Crawford-Browne, Marketing & Liaison
"Partnerships are the backbone of NGOs.  The Giving Organisation Trust is a valued partner with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation in the challenge to overcome HIV and related infections. The additional income enables us to pursue innovative strategies, such as extending our HIV management distance-learning programme for health professionals.  Become a partner and change a life."

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